The Delfederate Army was founded by General Stonewall Ravage and Private With No Class Newton Ale in 2009 in The Capital of The First State. Formed as an armed response to what they felt was federal, social and spiritual oppression on an unprecedented level, they decided it was time someone in this once great country stood up again for Our Rights. Fueled by a shared hatred of the apathy and dirty apelike tendencies of the human species and their Dark Masters: FEAR, IGNORANCE, GREED and TYRANNY as well as just about anything that you can't eat, drink, smoke or screw the two hardcore veterans began a campaign of guerrila resistance against the forces that would trample Our Blessed Freedom. Initially enlisted were Lance Corporal IB Cocksmith and Rear Admiral Ray Bellious. Cocksmith, a once proud & noble warrior unfortunately never recovered from a battle with The Demon Addiction and was subsequently courtmartialed, stripped of all rank and dismissed from service. The Rear Admiral retired with dignity after a few distinguished months and several skirmishes and can still be seen on occassion riding with The Delfederates. Recruited from the Delaware Tardcore Reserve were replacements Kernel E. "Doc" Jones, a battle-hardened officer with an unrivaled mastery of technology and PNC Infection, a promising cadet from The School of Hard Knocks.  Sadly PNC Infection did not have a long run with the Army, he was quickly replaced by a member of the Auxilliary Unit, Petty Officer 1st Class Butch Patrick.  This young recruit has quickly proven his worth, although insubordinate at times.

Swelling the ranks and providing tactical, alcoholic and occasionally unwanted support are the mighty Delfederate Auxilliary Unit. Comprised of an elite squad of hardcore outlaws, brawlers, cutthroats, lunatics, cannibals, hooligans, rebels and patriots The Unit is the drunken haymaker of The Delfederacy looping into the Face Of Oppression with the whiskey tinged bellow of all who oppose those who would take away Our God Given Rights.

Woe To The Lackeys of Deceit!

Libertas et Independentia!