This site is now active again.

The band has been pretty active this past year, with an ever expanding set list, playing many new places for many new people, and even adding a new member.  With all that activity I fell behind on this site but no longer will that be the case, so stay tuned for regular updates.


We have got this here sumbitchin' website up and running thanks General Sir! Read The Bio and see what we are all about. Check out the pix & the links, as well as a stellar review from a hotshot NY author ;) MORE TO COME. LONG LIVE THE DELFEDERACY!

Bar #18 – Loockerman Exchange – Post-Mortem (and POWER POLLS)
Black clothed, vested, booted, pentagrammed, pierced, mutton chopped, long haired people to be exact. Apparently there was also a hardcore music mini-festival scheduled for four o'clock.

Suffice to say we finally stumbled upon a demographic not particularly interested in "How to Fail": supremacistic, gun-toting, shrieking, hardcore hatemongerers.